The Smyth Research Realiser recreates, in headphones, the complete experience of listening to any real loudspeaker system in a real room - in up to sixteen channel surround sound.


The emulation includes the precise localization of all the speakers in the room, the room acoustics, and the response of the speakers and the electronics in the emulated system.


In immediate A/B comparison between the actual room/speakers and the Realiser/headphones, listeners say the two are indistinguishable. Head tracking keeps the sound image stationary as the listener's head turns.


The Smyth Realiser is a revolutionary product that will change the way we listen to headphones.

  • The Worlds Most Advanced 3d Audio Processor

  • Renders up to 16 virtual loudspeakers in any position

  • Internally decodes Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro 3D*

  • Supports SVS head-tracking

  • Dual-headphone outputs with independent head-tracking

  • Personalised room impulse response (PRIR) measurement routines

  • Accurately re-create any speaker format (max 16 speakers) in any listening room

  • HDMI 2.0, USB, SPDIF, Analogue audio i/o ports

  • Online Exchange website for PRIR measurements




The High End Munich 2017 show saw, the first demonstration of the new Realiser.
This demonstration at the Munich High End 2017 show followed our traditional setup whereby listeners were invited to compare a real 7.1.4 ch loudspeaker home theatre system with a personalised virtual rendering of the same system over headphones as generated through the Realiser.
Movie clips from the Dolby Atmos demonstration Blu-ray Disc were used as
source material for the demonstration.




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Smyth Realiser A16